Friday, October 15, 2004

Sarlacc Surprise

Well, I just received word from the Blogger tech support people that I can't post video to this site. So, that's that.

Anyway, I watched all three of the new Star Wars DVDs yesterday. I had heard all about the major changes, so I wasn't too upset about those (yes, the Han / Greedo scene still looks terrible, as does pre-epidode VI Jabba, and the "new" ghost at the end of Jedi is about as bad as it comes) but what really got my goat were all the minor changes in the dialogue. It seemed like every line that wasn't 100% clearly understood from the original versions of the trilogy was re-written and re-recorded to accommodate idiots. No ambiguity whatsoever in the new new new new new Special Editions.

Take, for instance, the Sarlacc pit scene in Jedi. Lando is about to be devoured by the Sarlacc, whose tentacle is pulling him in. Han, blinded from the carbonite, has extended a spear-like object down to Lando and is trying to pull him up, but the tentacle won't let go.

Sensing this, Han pulls out a blaster with his free hand and takes aim down towards Lando and the tentacle.

(Original Trilogy Version)

Lando: "No, wait! I thought you were blind!"

Han: "It's all right. Trust me."

Lando: "All right! A little higher! Just a little higher!"

Han shoots and hits the tentacle which releases its grip on Lando who is then pulled to safety.

(Special Edition Version)

Lando: "No, Wait! I thought you were blind!"

Han: "It's all right. I can see a lot better now."

He then shoots the tentacle, and Lando is saved.

Ugh. Do you see the difference? What was previously a deliciously ambiguous scene (could Han really see or was he blind? Did Lando really aid it directing the shot, or was Han so good as to "feel" it out?) is now changed forever so that the viewer knows exactly what's going on.

Han can see. Yippee. So now he takes a shot a ten year old could've made. Yes, thanks for clearing that up for me George Lucas.

And that's not the only such occurrence of dialoge altering, but it was among the most infuriating for me.

I know I said in a previous post that I wouldn't be getting too upset about these new releases, but that was before I had actually seen them.

That "new" Sarlacc scene epitomizes everything that's wrong with the Special Edition DVDs.


At 1:25 PM, Blogger the devine one said...

What a tragedy.


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